UK-Based Vectura uses AdventNet's Network Monitoring Software

Pleasanton, California, October 11, 2005

AdventNet today announced that Vectura, an emerging pharmaceutical company in the UK producing pulmonary products for healing lung diseases, is using ManageEngine OpManager to proactively monitor its network infrastructure. To learn more on why thousands of organizations rely on OpManager for their network monitoring needs, visit:

When you run a business that has the potential to help millions of lives, you want IT processes to operate at the maximum possible efficiency. At Vectura, helping people is a full time commitment. The company has undertaken massive research and development efforts to produce inhaled drugs for the treatment of lung diseases, which significantly reduce the cost of treatment to millions of patients. Vectura wanted a near perfect network infrastructure that supported all of its research initiatives.

"With state-of-the-art research gadgets and high end technology utilities, our research labs host a majority of our workforce. For them to be able to work hassle free, we wanted to provide them with infrastructure that is highly reliable and available all the time," said Ian Attenburrow, Systems Administrator at Vectura Group Plc. "We have been fiddling with Network hardware and related technologies for years and have finally found OpManager - an easy to use, cost-effective tool that proactively manages our entire infrastructure." he added.

Vectura chose OpManager after a rigorous evaluation process earlier this year. OpManager automatically discovers Vectura's network devices including: Avaya and Dell switches, server room weather sensors, numerous laser printers, and consolidates them in one single dashboard. Out-of-the-box features, responsible support and affordable pricing make OpManager a favorite choice of numerous healthcare organizations like Vectura.

"Currently, numerous cutting-edge healthcare organizations around the globe are using OpManager," said Girish Mathrubootham, Product Manager at AdventNet. "We are proud to have a rapidly emerging company like Vectura as our customer. It's exciting to know that our product surpassed their rigorous evaluation and emerged as the preferred choice over many other tools," he added.

About Vectura

Vectura's (LSE: VEC) principal focus is to combine its proprietary pulmonary formulation and device technologies with existing, off-patent drugs to develop inhaled drugs for the treatment of both lung diseases and conditions where delivery via the lungs can provide significant benefits, such as a rapid onset of action, improved efficacy and improved tolerability compared with current therapies.

The Company will seek to license its lead products to pharmaceutical companies with established sales and marketing infrastructures for the later stages of development and for commercialization, typically prior to Phase III clinical development. The Company has development collaborations with a number of companies, including Chiesi and Arakis. For further information, please visit Vectura's website at

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