SandCherry and AdventNet Speed Delivery of Next-Generation Services for Communications Service Providers

AdventNet's Agent Toolkit Enhances Development of SoftServer Applications Broker

Boulder, CO., Dec. 12, 2001

SandCherry Networks and AdventNet today announced an OEM / distribution agreement, which includes the use of AdventNet's Agent Toolkit Java/JMX Edition in the newest release of the SoftServer 2.0 platform. Through the use of the Agent Toolkit, SandCherry's SoftServer platform is able to seamlessly scale applications across networked systems and quickly create smart, lightweight SNMP standards-based network management solutions for communications service providers (CSPs). Flexible management, including the integration, deployment and enhancement of disparate next-generation application services and media resources is a key component to the SoftServer design and functionality.

"We view AdventNet's Agent Toolkit as a productivity enhancing technology, enabling faster and more efficient development of our SoftServer platform," said Christian Militeau, SandCherry's vice president of engineering. "By working together, SandCherry and AdventNet can deliver the right solution to deploy and manage new value-added next-generation media-based services".

"We are excited to partner with and provide SandCherry the technology to build standards based network management solutions for communication service providers and enterprises", said Sekar Vembu, vice president of product strategy and management at AdventNet. "We are also glad that SandCherry benefited from enhanced developer productivity and reduction in time to market by using the AdventNet Agent Toolkit".

About the SoftServer Platform

SandCherry's SoftServer platform, which serves as an applications broker, integrates, manages and simplifies deployment of next-generation services and applications such as voice-activated dialing, voice portals, unified messaging, and voice-enabled conferencing. CSPs are racing to implement these types of services as they compete for new sources of revenue. By enabling faster, easier rollout of services on a large scale, the SoftServer increases the revenue potential from new services. The platform is designed to be a key strategic tool, providing CSPs with quick access to potential new revenue sources and detailed information on customer usage and preferences. It speeds application integration and deployment, while providing increased control over disparate service elements, which can resolve costly management integration issues.

About AdventNet Agent Toolkit Java/JMX Edition

AdventNet Agent Toolkit Java/JMX Edition provides the necessary infrastructure, with a comprehensive suite of Java based cross platform development tools, framework and APIs to be used across many operating systems, thus addressing the needs of a fast paced environment for developing application/system management agents. The AdventNet Agent Toolkit Java/JMX Edition is a rapid prototyping and development tool used for building agents based on Java Management Extensions - JMX framework with multi-protocol access to common management instrumentation, including SNMP, HTML, RMI, HTTP, CORBA and TL1. In addition to supporting JMX, it supports building cross platform Java based standalone SNMP and TL1 agents.

About AdventNet

AdventNet, the Management Infrastructure Company, provides massively scalable, carrier-grade management application server software for provisioning and management of Internet and e-business infrastructure and applications. Being highly customer-focused, AdventNet prides with a worldwide customer base of leading equipment vendors, service providers, systems integrators, e-business application vendors and enterprises. AdventNet products provide ease of use, reliability, and extensive customizability powering solutions in many market segments that include e-business applications management, optical networking, broadband access, storage management, web hosting, and managed services. AdventNet enables superior solutions with rapid time to market advantages. AdventNet corporate office is located at Pleasanton, CA with offices in NJ, NH, India, China and Japan. It has a well-trained partner base around the globe and thousands of customers world-wide.

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About SandCherry Networks

SandCherry Networks, Inc. ( is a communications software company based in Boulder, Colorado. SandCherry provides a new class of software platform, the SoftServer, to enterprises and CSPs for the delivery and management of next-generation communications services. The SoftServer platform enables scalable, managed, deployment of speech-enabled and media-rich communications services by providing real-time service control and management. SandCherry's SoftServer platform accelerates implementation of next-generation services on legacy, wireless, and IP-based communications networks.

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