AdventNet Unveils SQLOne Database Search Engine - Unique Keyword-based multiple database search engine

Pleasanton, Calif., August 30, 2006

AdventNet Inc., the leading provider of the most affordable and feature-rich software solutions for databases, networks and systems management, today announced the immediate availability of SQLOne Database Search Engine. SQLOne enables users to effortlessly search for relevant business information simultaneously across multiple databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL. The web-based, keyword-driven search engine empowers users to access business critical information as easily as they would search the Internet.

SQLOne fills a great need in the marketplace by delivering Google-like functionality to searching databases. Prior to SQLOne’s release, database search required the knowledge of database administrators to perform SQL queries, and these were generally limited to a single search spanning one type of database. With SQLOne, no knowledge of SQL is required and its simplicity allows even non-technical users to perform their own searches.

"Databases are the lifeline to enterprises, and SQLOne helps a broad user base quickly and easily find, analyze, and understand structured information that was previously hidden,” said Clarence Rozario, Product Manager for SQLOne.

SQLOne is much more powerful than traditional database full-text search engines. Most databases are designed with tables that are related to each other. This is done to avoid data duplication and to ensure data integrity. Unless these relationships are discovered and mapped, searches will be incomplete and users will not have a full picture. SQLOne provides the only solution in the market that addresses this challenge. In addition, it also provides users with the ability to simultaneously search across multiple databases, and present an integrated view of the results.

With SQLOne, enterprises can now “search-enable” a wide variety of database driven applications including: corporate websites; intranets; e-commerce sites; knowledge management; customer service; product directories as well as business applications like customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise content management (ECM) and HR management systems. Independent software vendors with these and other database-driven applications can also add SQLOne into their products resulting in an integrated search capability specific to their solutions.

"Integrating SQLOne search engine into database-driven application/websites provides a wide range of users with actionable information at their fingertips. Enterprises now have the capability to tap into information that was previously unavailable or too time consuming to reach. Instant information access leads to superior business benefits like higher user satisfaction, increased productivity, higher sales, and greater efficiency,” added Rozario.

Availability and Pricing

There are several options including: a 45-day evaluation license; a permanent Free Edition, with support for up to 2GB of search index creation; a Professional Edition starting at $245 USD per year subscription for up to 5GB of search index creation.

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