AdventNet Announces Telecom Management Software Modules to Boost Existing Solutions, Offer Unprecedented Flexibility, and ROI

Pleasanton, CA, January 30, 2002

AdventNet, Inc., a leading provider of network, systems and applications management software, today announced a number of management software modules designed to help management solution providers deliver greater value with their existing products and solutions. With an industry-wide reduction in software and services budgets, management solution providers need to maximize the value of existing investments. The AdventNet management modules enable adding new capabilities to existing systems and solutions without costly replacements.

The management software modules offer modular building blocks with plug-and-play capability and include the following modules: Telecom Mediation, Fault, Configuration, SLM/Performance, Security and Provisioning Services. The modules are based on an open standards-based architecture, which easily integrates with existing solutions. They directly support J2EE, XML and Web Services, and other current architectures for management solutions. The benefits of adding these modules include easy integration with existing solutions, extensive standards support, increased scalability and reliability, distributed architecture, advanced capabilities in each functional area, multi-protocol support, additional OSS integration support, and much more.

These benefits can be achieved with lower investment, faster ROI with smaller scale projects, lower risk, and continuity with existing solutions being used. These new products further reinforce AdventNet leadership in empowering management application developers and solution providers and enabling them to rapidly deliver sophisticated management solutions for the new generation of networks. The AdventNet management software modules reduce the time, cost and risk of delivering the carrier-class solutions customers need to grow and operate their networks.

"AdventNet has always focused on delivering significant value to management software developers and solution providers", said Sekar Vembu, VP Product Strategy at AdventNet. "This offers the solution providers with a complete choice in integrating AdventNet's open, standards-based modules to fulfill their specific management needs and with a better ROI".

The management software modules are available for beta testing from the AdventNet web site at

About AdventNet

AdventNet, the Management Infrastructure Company, is a successful software vendor offering two major lines of management software for the telecom and IT sectors. In the telecom sector (comprising networking/telecom equipment vendors, service providers and MSPs), it offers massively scalable, carrier-grade management application server software for provisioning and management of networking infrastructure and applications. In the IT sector (comprising enterprises, EAI middleware, J2EE application server and other software vendors), it offers a suite of productivity-enhancing software for end-to-end testing, instrumentation and management of applications. As a result of being highly customer focused, AdventNet has a worldwide customer base of leading equipment vendors, enterprises, service providers, application vendors, and systems integrators. AdventNet products provide ease of use, reliability, and extensive customizability powering solutions in many market segments that include applications management, optical networking, broadband access, storage management, web hosting, and managed services. AdventNet enables superior solutions with rapid time to market advantages. AdventNet corporate office is located at Pleasanton, CA with offices in NJ, NH, India, China and Japan. It has a well-trained partner base around the globe and thousands of customers world-wide.
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