WiFi Manager Targets Small Businesses with less than 10 Access Points with the Release of Small Business Edition Priced at only $495

Enables businesses with less than 10 access points to centrally manage their wireless infrastructure

Pleasanton, California, July 6, 2005

AdventNet, Inc. today released a small business edition of its Wireless Network Management System, the WiFi Manager 4, specifically addressing the management needs of small and home based businesses with less than 10 access points. The new edition offers: auto-discovery, continuous monitoring, automated alerting, centralized configuration, firmware maintenance and reporting. It includes all functionalities available in the professional edition of WiFi Manager but limited to 10 Access Points. Vendors such as Dlink, Linksys, Netgear, Cisco, Symbol, Proxim, 3Com, Avaya, HP, Dell, and Nomadix are supported.

CRN Test Center, a division of CMP Media, tested WiFi Manager in its labs and gave a five star rating. "The amount of features and options rolled into the software is mind-boggling,"said Vincent A. Randazzese, CRN. "Using the software with its radio-scanning capabilities, CRN Test Center engineers were able to immediately locate a rogue 802.11g AP on the corporate network", he added.

"Small businesses are adopting WiFi at a rapid pace. They go wireless with 5-6 access points and usually do so without requiring additional staffing or outside expertise. Many small businesses don't have a dedicated IT staff and under such situations there is a need for a management tool that substitutes for IT staff by monitoring the Wireless infrastructure 24x7 and then alerts through email/paging, when network outages occur", said Sivaramakrishnan, Product Manager for WiFi Manager at AdventNet. "WiFi Manager fits the bill perfectly by providing all the necessary management functions at a very affordable price point. It supports more than 50 different models of wireless devices (access points, routers, and gateways) and allows the managing of multi-vendor wireless devices from the same GUI", he added.

Security conscious businesses can add a wireless overlay sensor to scan their 802.11 a/b/g networks. These sensors look for any wireless activity and report problems to the WiFi Manager. AdventNet offers its own RF sensors at a promotional price of $645 (list price $745) for its small business edition customers. AdventNet RF sensor works with all flavors of WiFi Manager and requires zero configuration. Each sensor is capable of covering up to 1800 sq.mts (typical coverage area in an indoor office environment) and provides intrusion detection, attack detection, and vulnerability detection.

Some of the wireless security capabilities of the RF sensor include:

  • Continuous scanning of all channels in 802.11 a/b/g networks
  • Rogue detection and automated email alerting
  • Detection of a dozen variants of denial-of-service attacks
  • Detection of common vulnerabilities in the WLAN
  • Detection of signal, noise levels, and interference in the WLAN


WiFi Manager small business edition is available from the Adventnet online store at: and from its resellers across 50 countries. Businesses with more than 10 Access Points can use the higher versions of WiFi Manager with support for 50, 100, 500, and Unlimited Access Point support based on requirements. For direct enquires contact 1-888-720-9500. For additional information about WiFi Manager including a live online demo and a Free Edition to manage 3 Access Points, visit

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WiFi Manager Targets Small Businesses with less than 10 Access Points with the Release of Small Business Edition Priced at only $495