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Domain based help desk delegation

Configuring multiple domains enables easier user management. When it comes to help desk delegation it is quite cumbersome to create roles and select admins. O365 Manager Plus supports domain based delegation which makes help desk delegation easier and more secure in a multi-domain environment. By delegating domain based roles, the technician would have access to data corresponding a particular domain alone.

As a prerequisite you need to create a technician with the roles you wish to delegate.

Steps to create a domain based role

  1. Login to O365 Manager Plus.
  2. Go to Delegation tab.
  3. Select Help Desk Delegation → Help Desk Technician in the left pane.
  4. Select Edit Technician in the Actions column corresponding to the technician you want to edit.

    Configure Technician

  5. In the Edit Technician page, select + in the Domain Name column, and select the domains to which the role must apply.

    Edit Technician

  6. Click Add.

    Select Domains

  7. Click Save Changes.

To know more about O365 Manager Plus' help desk delegation feature, click here.


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