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Configure Log Forwarder in O365 Manager Plus

O365 Manager Plus' Log Forwarder' option allows you to forward Office 365 audit logs to an external SIEM product or to a Syslog server.

Forwarding logs to Syslog Server:

Syslog is the event logging service in unix systems.You may also use this setting to forward logs to your SIEM's UDP or TCP receiver.

Configuring a Syslog Server:

  • Syslog daemon runs in UDP port 514 by default.
  • The default settings can be modified in the Syslog server's path configurationfile/etc/syslog.conf.
  • Remember to restart Syslog daemon for the changes to take effect.

Steps to enable Syslog logging in O365 Manager Plus:

  • Go to Admin tab.
  • Select General Settings → Log Forwarder in the left pane.
  • Select the Enable Log Forwarding checkbox.
  • Click the Syslog tab.
  • Enter the Syslog Server Name or IP. Ensure that this server is reachable from the server in which O365 Manager Plus is installed.
  • Select the Protocol to be used.
  • Enter the Port number.
  • Select the Syslog Type as required by your SIEM parser from the drop-down.

Forwarding Office 365 logs to an external SIEM product: Splunk HTTP

Steps to configure Splunk HTTP event collector:

  • Login to your Splunk admin account.
  • Select Settings from the top right corner of the Home page.
  • Select Data Inputs under Data.
  • Select HTTP Event Collector under Local inputs.
  • Select New Token.
  • Enter a Name for the token. (Preferably O365 Manager Plus).
  • Customize the rest of the fields if required.
  • Click Next.
  • Customize the Input Settings if required.
  • Click Review.
  • Check your settings and click Submit.
  • Copy and save the value in Token Value field. You will need it to configure O365 Manager Plus.
  • Go to Settings → Data Inputs → HTTP Event Collector
  • Select Global Settings and enable All Tokens.
  • You can customize the HTTP Port Number and rest of the fields if required.
  • Click Save.

Steps to configure O365 Manager Plus:

  • Login to O365 Manager Plus.
  • Go to Admin tab.
  • Select General Settings → Log Forwarder in the left pane.
  • Select the Enable Log Forwarding checkbox.
  • Click the Splunk tab.
  • Enter the Port number of Splunk HTTP Event Collector and Protocol to be used.
  • Enter the Token Value you had copied in step 12 of Splunk configuration in the Authentication Token field.
  • Click Save.


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