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Secure your Office 365 setup

Security is a major concern when it comes to a cloud based working environment. It is of paramount importance to be proactive with Office 365 to avoid dire consequences. Native Office 365 reports might not give all the details required to make quick decisions.

O365 Manager Plus provides you Office 365 security reports, which include mailbox security reports, user security reports, admin activities reports, and user activities reports. These reports try to fulfil your needs where native Office 365 reports fall short.

Find out who has access to which mailbox

With the help of User Mailbox Security Report, retrieve the list of mailboxes, and the users who have access to them. You can also retrieve the list of shared mailboxes and users with access to them with the help of Shared Mailbox Security Report.

Track admin activities

O365 Manager Plus has a special set of reports which let you monitor admin activities. With the help of Exchange Admin Activity Report, Azure Admin Activity Report, Litigation Hold Activity Report, Mailbox Permission Changes Report, and other reports keep track of admin activities to find out the source of any undesirable happenings in your Office 365 setup.

Identify users who can have weak passwords

User accounts with weak passwords are often vulnerable to brute force attacks. Identify such users with, User Password Settings Report, which gives you information on whether the users can have weak passwords, or not. You can even use, Last Password Change Report to know when was the last time users changed their passwords, and notify them to change at regular intervals.

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