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Office 365 Monitoring Tool

Tired of having to rely on service providers to know when service outages occur in your cloud workspace? We know that most of the time service providers fail to send timely alerts on service outages, user actions, and other important information that needs your immediate attention. That's why we built O365 Manager Plus, our complete Office 365 solution, to send frequent and timely alerts right to your inbox. Reports can be scheduled and exported to PDF, HTML, XLS, or CSV. And the best part is there's no need to perform PowerShell scripting; all you have to do is configure your Office 365 account in O365 Manager Plus and leave the rest to us.

Real-time Office 365 monitoring statistics

O365 Manager Plus monitors your Exchange Online, Azure Active Directory, OneDrive for Business, Skype for Business, and other Office 365 services 24x7. It also constantly monitors the health of your cloud setup and notifies you immediately about any service outages.

Office 365 service health monitoring

Service outages are the most frustrating issues that pop up in your cloud setup. O365 Manager Plus monitors your workspace in real time and alerts you immediately if there is any degradation in service (even before the Office 365 Service Health portal).

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Exchange Online monitoring

Keep a watchful eye on Exchange Online mailboxes and user activities by monitoring user email activity, sent and received spam or malware emails, changes to permissions, and other mailbox activities. You can also monitor license assignment and reassignment to ensure your organization's licenses are managed effectively.

Some important aspects you can monitor include:

Monitoring Azure Active Directory

Ensure a hassle-free working environment by monitoring Azure Directory, and get notified about service degradation before users notice. O365 Manager Plus monitors users, groups, licenses, Azure AD apps, logon activities, and more.

Some important aspects you can monitor include:

Monitoring OneDrive for Business

OneDrive for Business file and folder monitoring is mandatory for security as well as compliance purposes. O365 Manager Plus monitors almost all possible user and admin activities in OneDrive for Business with utmost detail. Monitor file and folder activities, file sharing activities, and sync activities.

Some important aspects you can monitor include:

Monitoring Skype for Business

Keep Skype for Business under control and ensure end user satisfaction by monitoring user activities and performance latency issues with O365 Manager Plus. Keep track of all the services and their usage metrics with detailed reports and alerts.

Some important aspects you can monitor include:

Monitoring Microsoft Teams

While working in teams is productive, you might quickly lose track of what's going on with the multitude of conversations and activities occurring in Microsoft Teams. O365 Manager Plus helps you monitor teams and channels being added or modified in real time. You can even track permission changes, and other modified trivial settings.

Some important aspects you can monitor include:

Monitor the health and performance of Office 365 services with instant alerts.

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