Automated patch management to eliminate 90% time spent on patching

Everybody loves automation because everybody wants to save time in this fast-paced world. With Patch Manager Plus's automated patch management feature, you can automate A to Z of your patch management process—From synchronizing the vulnerability database, scanning all machines in the network to detect missing patches, deploying the missing patches and also providing periodic updates on patch deployment status. You can automatically test, package, stage, and deploy patches to thousands of systems in minutes, saving your time and money over limited, manual processes.

Critical need for an automated patch management solution:

If the year 2017 has taught us anything, it's the importance of getting and keeping our systems patched. Unfortunately for organizations of every size, cyber attacks show no sign of slowing down. Corporations across the globe could have prevented the impact of the recently launched WannaCry attack months before the virus was released had they patched their Windows Operating system.

A recent Cyber Security Report showed that only 72 of every 1,000 threats are actually remediated, less than 8%, leaving 92% of threats unpatched and open to cyber attacks, because of lack of an automated patch management solution.

For enterprises large and small, the most effective step they can take to improve their security posture is to consistently patch both their OSs and applications with an automated patch management solution.

How Patch Manager Plus's automated patch management works:

The automated patch management process allows to completely automate the different stages of patching:

  1. Scan endpoints for missing patches
  2. Schedule scans by time, computer, group or user-defined collections of computers and identify missing patches on the endpoints.

  3. Download patches from vendor sites
  4. The Patch Manager Plus server will automatically download missing patches from respective vendor sites such as Windows, Mac, and third party vendor sites like Adobe, Java and more. 

  5. Deployment of patches to vulnerable systems
  6. Automated Patch Deployment feature enables you to deploy patches that are missing in your network computers automatically, without any manual intervention required. The deployment will be performed based on the deployment policies that you specify - the installation window, post deployment actions, reboot and more.

  7. Report on the status of patch deployment
  8. Post successful deployment, you can schedule to receive reports on the status of your automated patch management tasks. These reports allow rapid verification if all your enterprise endpoints are 100% secure and also keeps you notified on the success of your patch deployment tasks.

With Patch Manager Plus's automated patch management feature, every enterprise can keep all it's endpoints up to date and round the clock patched - no matter which OS they run on and where they're located.