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Patch Scanning

Patch Manager Plus periodically scans the systems in your Windows network, to determine the vulnerable systems/applications. The latest status of the scan and the scan reports can be accessed by clicking the Scan Status link available under the Patch Mgmt tab. The following details are shown here:

  • Computer Name: The DNS name of the computer being scanned.
  • OS Name: The operating system of the computer being scanned.
  • Agent Status: Specifies whether the agent is installed in the system or not.
  • Agent Version: Specifies the agent version.
  • Last Scan Status: The status of the previous scan.
  • Last Scan Time: Time at which the scan was performed. 

It also provides a graphical representation of the scanned systems. You can initiate the scan for any specific system by selecting the system and clicking the Scan Now button or can initiate the scan for all the systems by clicking the Scan All button.