Integrate Patch Manager Plus with Spiceworks and boost your productivity.

Install Patch Manager Plus plugin for Spiceworks and deploy patches with ease.
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Top five benefits of integrating Spiceworks with Patch Manager Plus!

The Patch Manager Plus-Spiceworks integration helps helpdesk technicians deploy patches right from Spiceworks console. This helps in improving their overall visibility and control, as well as reducing service restoration times. Here are five benefits of installing the Patch Manager Plus plugin for Spiceworks.

Manage incidents seamlessly.

Manage incidents seamlessly.

Identify and resolve patch-related tickets from Spiceworks to save time and effort in managing your IT operations.

Protect your network.

Protect your network.

Secure your network from mass cyberattacks like WannaCry or Petya by deploying patches right from your help desk. Install updates from over 1,000 applications for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

Get audit-ready IT asset details.

Wake computers remotely.

Use Wake on LAN to patch computers even if they're in sleep or hibernation mode.

Deploy business apps instantly.

Scan your network for vulnerabilities.

Perform customizations and on-demand scans to find vulnerabilities from the Spiceworks ticket window.

Troubleshoot remote desktops with ease.

Improve productivity and customer engagement.

Centrally manage your endpoints and improve your help desk's productivity using a range of IT management features.