"We were using WSUS and it wasn't managing all the patches required for Windows. ManageEngine's patch management manages all the patches we need, including third-party patches. ManageEngine's patch management was my final choice because of its simplicity; it's very cost-effective for what it is capable of doing."

Jim Locke,
Network Administrator,
Summerland Credit Union.

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How Patch Manager Plus stands out above the rest?

With a number of standalone patch management solutions in the market, you may be wondering what makes Patch Manager Plus stand out. Whether you're re-evaluating your current patching software or looking for your first patch management tool, here's a list of what Patch Manager Plus has to offer.

  • Cross-platform patch management

    Are you managing a heterogeneous IT environment, including Windows, Mac,  and Linux machines? Patch Manager Plus can patch them all.

  • Support for over 300 third-party applications

    Many patch management solutions are restricted to patching just OS applications, but Patch Manager Plus can also patch over 300 third-party applications easily.

  • Automated patch management

    Simplify your everyday tasks. Just configure deployment policies using Patch Manager Plus and completely automate the patch management process for over 1,000 applications.

  • Deployment reports

    Generate granular deployment reports to handle any IT audit.

  • Critical vulnerability prioritization

    Most importantly Patch Manager Plus runs a Critical vulnerability patches first prompt to help you quickly deploy urgent patches in the event of a security crisis.

  • Easy on your pockets

    Patch Manager Plus is very affordable; it'll cost you less than $1 per computer. It also offers flexible subscription models based on the number of computers in your environment.

  • On-premises and cloud deployment

    Tackle patch management in the cloud or from an on-premises system.

  • Scheduled patch deployment

    Your most productive hours won't be affected thanks to scheduled deployments. Schedule deployments during non-working hours, even if production machines are offline.

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See how Patch Manager Plus stacks up against the competition. Simply let us know which patch management software you would like to compare with Patch Manager Plus, and we'll get back to you shortly with a comparison sheet.