Patch Manager Plus now streamlines remote workforce management for IT admins and help desk technicians. Instantly access and resolve software-related issues on remote devices, all from the Patch Manager Plus' intuitive console. The Remote Access feature in Patch Manager Plus, offers a unified platform for managing all your patching and troubleshooting needs.

Strengthened Security Posture

Embrace privacy, eliminate the use of third-party tools and opt for hassle-free and secure troubleshooting using Remote Access Add-on, our in-house solution.

Streamline Your Process with Our Turnkey Approach

Elevate your remote control experience with this streamlined integration. Ensuring rapid issue resolution, timely patching and intuitive out-of-the-box remote control capabilities, all right at your fingertips.

HIPAA-Compliant Remote Access

Make troubleshooting a breeze by leveraging HIPAA-compliant remote access features, ensuring confidentiality, security and end-user privacy.

Curious about the additional potentials offered by the Remote Access add-on?

Unattended endpoints, uncompromised control!

Effortlessly gain full remote control over unattended endpoints, enabling seamless troubleshooting for patch-related issues from any remote location.

From audits to education, we've got you covered!

Easily preserve and log all your remote sessions. Make audits more efficient with the recorded files and repurpose them as valuable training materials for challenging troubleshooting tasks.

Effortless and Secure File Transfers!

Boost your network's security with the secure remote desktop file transfer capabilities. Securely share various file formats, including executables and root certificates, without the need for external devices.

Level up your user engagement!

Elevate your interaction experience by quickly connecting with end users through the convenience of chat, voice and video calls, ensuring swift and seamless interactions.

15+ tools to skyrocket efficiency!

Boost efficiency with instant access to 15+ diagnostic tools like Remote Task Manager, Remote Registry, Remote Event Viewer and more, making troubleshooting and patching a breeze.

Holistic view of troubleshooting!

Obtain a comprehensive overview of all the remote troubleshooting activities, including remote control sessions, chat activities and modifications in registry value exports, ensuring a complete visibility.