How to enable Remote Access add-on in Patch Manager Plus?

The Remote Access feature within Patch Manager Plus seamlessly combines patch management and troubleshooting. This eliminates the need to juggle between various tools, providing a boosting efficiency and minimizing the risk of potential errors. This addition lets IT professionals swiftly address software issues on remote devices, minimizing disruptions and downtime. With quicker issue resolution and simplified patch management, you can boost overall productivity, empowering employees to focus on their primary responsibilities, unhindered by technical disruptions.

Steps to enable the Remote Access add-on

  • On the console and navigate to Admin tab.
  • Select Add-on Settings under the Tools Settings section.
  • Click Enable now button to successfully activate the Remote Access add-on.
  • pmp-rap1

  • To access the Remote Access capabilities, you can click on the Access Now button.
  • pmp-rap2

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