Windows 10 feature update deployment

Microsoft adopted a servicing model with Windows 10 by releasing major OS upgrades, under the label "feature update", twice per year. However, deploying them gets tricky. Since the update size is considerably large, it often lead to huge bandwidth consumption and prolonged installation. It gets much worse if the number of computers to be managed are in thousands, which makes patch management tool the need of the hour.

An effective patch management tool should meet a few key requirements:

  • Able to deploy updates from a centralized interface
  • Schedule updates to a convenient time
  • Test the stability of updates prior to deployment
  • Automate repetitive tasks

Patch Manager Plus seamlessly handles all the above mentioned aspects in a streamlined manner. Deploying Windows 10 feature update with Patch Manager Plus is as easy as deploying any other Windows update. Below are the advantages of deploying them with Patch Manager Plus:

Utilizes low bandwidth:

Patch Manager Plus leverages the client-server architecture model to streamline the Windows 10 feature update deployment from a single point of console. Bandwidth is no longer an issue, since the lightweight Lan/Wan agents will replicate patch binaries from the Patch Manager Plus server.

Less-to-no downtime:

You can schedule Windows 10 feature update deployment to non-production hours to reduce downtime. Automate the Windows 10 feature update deployment by enabling the feature pack check box while configuring an APD task to save IT admin's time and energy.

Mitigate Compatibility issues:

With every new update, unprecedented bugs and critical application incompatibility are the major setbacks faced by organizations. Now, you can automate the testing of Windows 10 feature update before rolling out to production environment.


Thus, Patch Manager Plus provides a hassle-free way to deploy Windows 10 feature updates and ensures Windows 10 PC's are safe and up-to-date.

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