Integrating PAM360 with ManageEngine Analytics Plus

This document discusses the process of integrating PAM360 with ManageEngine Analytics Plus. At the end of this document, you will have learnt the following:

  1. Key benefits of integration
  2. How does the integration work?
  3. Prerequisites
  4. Steps to configure the integration
  5. Steps to view the configuration details from PAM360
  6. Advanced Analytics

1. Key Benefits of Integration

ManageEngine PAM360 integrates with ManageEngine Analytics Plus, an on-premises reporting and business intelligence service. The PAM360-Analytics Plus integration brings about out-of-the-box analytics using data from the following modules:

  • Resources: Detailed record of resources and their usage. 
  • User Accounts: List of users, their access levels and permissions.
  • Audits: Elaborate history of the operations performed by users.

Through advanced analytics on these modules, you will gain a comprehensive analysis of all your privileged account activities through a unified outlook, with the ability to drill down into specifics and gain actionable insights. 

2. How Does the Integration Work?

Analytics Plus sources data from PAM360 via its API using your login credentials. The reports are generated automatically with up-to-date data, and you can gain a complete overview of the reports from the PAM360-specific dashboard of Analytics Plus. You can also set timeline filters. Once the integration is complete, you will be able to access the workspace created with all the relevant reports and live dashboards built using data from PAM360.

2. Prerequisites

    ManageEngine PAM360 integration is applicable from Analytics Plus build 4301 only.

Before commencing the integration, verify if all of the below prerequisites are satisfied:

  1. All the configurations related to the PAM360-Analytics Plus integration can be done from the Analytics Plus portal only. Hence, make sure you have access to an active Analytics Plus portal.
  2. PAM360 should be accessible from the server on which Analytics Plus is running. To verify this, try launching your PAM360 web-client from the Analytics Plus server.
  3. To login PAM360, the Analytics Plus user should have their user login mapped in PAM360.
  4. The Auth token generated during the integration process is specific to your Analytics Plus instance, and will be displayed only once. Hence, make sure you copy the Auth Token as you need to paste it in the required field in the Analytics Plus portal.
  5. PAM360 and Analytics Plus servers should be running in the same time zone.

3. Steps to Configure the Integration

All the configurations related to the PAM360 - Analytics Plus integration can be performed from the Analytics Plus console only. From the PAM360 console, you can view the configuration details and regenerate the AuthTtoken. Click the below link for the configuration steps:

Configuration steps to integrate PAM360 with Analytics Plus

Once you have finished configuring the integration as instructed in the above link, you will be able to automatically generate reports with up-to-date data and gain a complete overview of the reports from the PAM360-specific dashboard in Analytics Plus.

4. Steps to View the Configuration Details from PAM360

Once you are done with configuring the integration from the Analytics Plus portal, you can view the configuration details from the PAM360 console. Navigate to Admin >> Integration >> ManageEngine. You will see the Integrations | ManageEngine page.

    Only the users with the "ManageEngine Integration" role will see the ManageEngine option under Integration.

In the Integrations | ManageEngine page, you will see the Analytics Plus block that looks like any of the below images based on whether you have disabled or enabled the integration, respectively:

Buttons and Definitions:

Sl. No: Button Definition



You will see this option if the integration is disabled. Click this button and you will be notified with a message to set up the integration from the Analytics Plus portal.



Click this button, and the Analytics Plus Integration window pops up.



You will see this option if the integration is enabled. Click this button to disable the integration.

Click the Edit button and you will see the below window:

From the Analytics Plus Integration window, you will be able to do the following:

  1. View the configuration details that include:
    • AUTH Token: You will see the "Auth Token Available" message in this field. Each time you click the Generate button, the new Auth Token will be shown here.
    • Host Name: The DNS name of the machine, where Analytics Plus is hosted.
    • Port Number: The port number on which Analytics Plus is listening.
  2. Click the Generate button to generate a new Auth Token.
  3. Click Save to save the changes.
  4. You can generate any number of Auth tokens from here. This option comes handy if you have lost the Auth Token that was generated during the initial configuration process. Whenever you generate a new Auth token, click Save for the change to take effect.

5. Advanced Analytics

The Advanced Analytics module of PAM360, offered via ManageEngine Analytics Plus, automatically analyzes privileged account activity data to help you identify anomalies in password and user account activities.

Use Advanced Analytics to:

  • Spot unusual user behavior and gain insights to identify security threats.
  • Intelligently monitor historical audit logs for malicious account activities.
  • Use Zia, the analytics assistant powered by machine learning, to help identify sources of anomalies.
  • Blend data from several sources and PAM360 modules to get unified insights for better visibility.
  • Get notified of suspicious activity when pre-configured thresholds are breached.
  • Email, export, publish and share key findings through secure sharing options.

How to Activate Advanced Analytics in PAM360?

To activate Advanced Analytics for your PAM360 instance, you need a working license for Analytics Plus. If you already have one, follow these steps to set up the dashboard. For further queries, please write to us at

Viewing Advanced Analytics in PAM360

Login to PAM360 and click the Advanced Analytics tab.

  1. If no dashboards are available, click the Download Analytics Plus button to proceed with the integration.
  2. You will see the following page, if you have properly configued the dashboard using Analytics Plus.

    Advanced Analytics View in PAM360

  • The Dashboard menu in the left pane displays different types of dashboards based on the data already imported to Analytics Plus from PAM360. Click each dashboard type to view the corresponding data in the display area.
  • The data displayed here depends on the following:
    • The modules you had already imported to Analytics Plus from PAM360.
    • The time period you had chosen to import data from PAM360.
    • The data import schedule you had chosen in Analytics Plus during the integration.
  • Use the 'User Account' and 'Resource Name' filters to refine the view.
  • Click the Launch Analytics Plus link if you wish to switch over to the Analytics Plus portal.

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