PAM360 implements stronger remote access features in its latest version

PAM360 implements stronger remote access features in its latest version

Go beyond the conventional PAM strategies and bring different avenues of IT management and security systems together to reinforce your PAM program. The latest version of PAM360 offers new and advanced remote access capabilities.

As you roll out this new update to your enterprise IT, here are some of the key features that will help you gain effective privileged remote access security, a simplified UI, and enhanced productivity.

1. Landing server support for Windows

To access data center resources, users usually have to hop through multiple jump servers before ultimately connecting to the target devices. This practice requires manual authentication at every jump server setup, introducing loopholes from a security perspective.

In addition to supporting jump servers for Linux, PAM360 now supports jump server management for Windows, enabling direct RDP access to remote devices in data centers without worrying about the intermediate hops. Administrators can now configure both RDP and SSH landing servers, and associate them with the resources managed by PAM360 with complete credential management.

2. Bidirectional remote file transfer capabilities

With version 5.0, PAM360 supports bidirectional file transfer between two remote systems through the SSH File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) with no predefined size limit, allowing easy and secure transfer of even large files. Users can also upload and download files up to 16MB (per file) between their host system and the remote resource through SFTP.

3. Advanced configuration settings for remote sessions

PAM360 now offers advanced configuration settings for RDP, SSH, and VNC remote sessions. These settings improve the overall user experience while launching remote sessions to the respective target systems. Some of the advanced settings include changing the SSH terminal type, configuring audio playback and printers for RDP connections, changing the encoding type of VNC connections, and more. View our webinar to to learn more about these settings.

4. RemoteApp support for Windows systems

Windows administrators gain better control over privileged sessions by enforcing users to connect to only specific Windows applications configured as RemoteApps in the target systems. RemoteApps restricts users' access to selected applications in the remote system instead of all the applications and protocols, which they may not be entitled to. It limits a user’s ability to move laterally within a network, reducing potentially harmful activities in the underlying network.

5. Customized gateway settings

Users can now customize gateway settings in PAM360. They can edit and control the cipher suites used for SSL communication, set up a different port, choose SSL protocols to be used for securing remote connections initiated from the product, and customize HTTP header log settings.

6. New web-based SSH terminal

Users can now leverage HTML5-based SSH terminals, which use the WebSocket API and are faster and more responsive.

7. Azure MS SQL support

PAM360 now supports Azure MS SQL as the backend database. It also allows an easier migration from PostgreSQL to Azure MS SQL instances.

8. New certificate format: PEM

A new certificate format—Privacy Enhanced Mail (PEM)—has been added in addition to the already available certificate export formats: Keystore and PFX. The PEM format is used for digital certificates and keys deployed in web server platforms, like Apache.

Watch our webinar to learn more about all the new feature enhancements in PAM360.

Apart from cutting-edge features, PAM360’s privileged access management capabilities offer robust features from three other products in the ManageEngine PAM suite:

  • Password Manager Pro for privileged account management
  • Key Manager Plus for SSH key and SSL/TLS certificate management
  • Access Manager Plus for remote access and privileged session management

The features specific to each of the above products are all available in PAM360 without any additional costs. PAM360's most recent update mainly focuses on fortifying remote access in enterprise IT through the integration of Access Manager Plus’ key features.