Landing Server Configuration

In some environments, direct access is limited to remote devices via RDP and SSH connections. Instead, data center admins working remotely are required to a landing server and then "hop" to the target system. There are even cases where admins must make multiple hops before connecting to the target devices. At each step of the remote access process - from the initial landing server to each subsequent hop and the target device - the admin must provide the username and password as well as know the IP address of the landing server.

Using Access Manager Plus's remote session management capabilities, you can launch direct connections to remote systems in a data center, overcoming access barriers created by network segmentation, all while adhering to data center access protocols. By ensuring effectively simplifying the entire process of data center remote access management.

Configure any number of landing servers to remotely access the IT equipment in your data centers. You need to associate the landing servers with the connections being managed in Access Manager Plus. Once the configuration is done, you can launch a direct connection to the remote resources in a single click without worrying about the intermediate hops. Access Manager Plus takes care of establishing connection with the landing server(s) and finally with the remote resources, in a fully automated fashion.

Click below for detailed steps on how to configure landing servers for SSH and RDP connections:

  1. Landing server configuration for SSH
  2. Landing server configuration for RDP