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If a storm of account lockout complaints on a Monday morning has frustrated you before, we want to hear from you. Tell us why account lockout issues can be so hard on your help desk team, and share how it affects your productivity and threatens IT security itself!

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1. What percentage of your help desk tickets constitute account lockout complaints?

2. How long do you spend on an average account lockout ticket?


3. What is the overall business impact of account lockouts?

4. What do you think is the most common cause of account lockouts?

5. Do you have trouble locating the source of an account lockout using Event Viewer logs?

6. Is it useful to have the user's recent logon information to understand the cause of a lockout?

7. What is an ideal account lockout threshold to keep hackers in check, while also avoiding false alarms?

8. Would it be helpful to maintain a list of users who are frequently locked out so that you can detect security attacks and insider threats?

9. Which one of the following is much helpful in investigating account lockouts?

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