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Migrating ADAudit Plus from 32-bit to 64-bit architecture

  • Check the product build number.
  • If it's not the latest build, upgrade your 32-bit version of ADAudit Plus to the latest build using the service pack below-
  • Install the latest 64-bit version of ADAudit Plus in a different computer. Do not start the product.
  • Stop the 32-bit installation.
  • Rename the lib, jre, and bin folders as lib_old, jre_old, and bin_old respectively in your 32-bit installation.
  • Now copy the lib, jre, and bin folders from the 64-bit installation folder and paste it into the 32-bit installation folder.
    Note: If the back-end DataBase is MySQL, in addition to copying and pasting the lib, jre, and bin folders, also copy and paste the following 3 files found under the bin folder- StartDB.bat, StopDB.bat, and SetCommonEnv.bat and wrapper.conf found under the conf folder.
  • Go to \ManageEngine\ADAudit Plus\conf folder in 32-bit installation.
  • Open product.conf file using Wordpad.
  • Change "product.processor_architecture" to 64.
    Note: The 10th step found below, is required only for build numbers 6000 and above.
  • Copy the wrapper.conf file from the location \ManageEngine\ADAudit Plus\apps\dataengine-xnode\conf\ in 64 bit installation and replace it in the 32 bit installation.
  • Start the 32-bit installation and re-apply the license file.

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