Why attend

Ensuring that security of your Active Directory environment is not only a desire for most administrators and organizations, but it is a requirement. Compliance regulations ensure that the essential aspects of Active Directory are secured. The question becomes how to meet these regulations and correctly audit Active Directory? This is exactly what Derek Melber, Active Directory MVP, will be covering in this webinar. Derek will cover key areas such as password policy, recursive group memberships, user rights, separated users, and more. Derek will also discuss the power of automating report generation, to reduce the overall load on administrators during the audit itself. In this webinar you will learn:


In this webinar, you will learn about:

  • Which reports you need to run for Active Directory user accounts
  • How to report on difficult user related areas such as last logon time
  • How to efficiently report on group members recursively
  • The tools that provide the correct password policy
  • How simple automating reports can be with the correct tools