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Group Attributes » 24021: Add member to database role failed

24021: Add member to database role failed

Database roles are similar to 'groups' in Windows Active Directory. They are used to manage user permissions at the database level. Database level principals can be added to appropriate database roles based on the permissions to be granted to them. Server roles can also be added to database roles. Event 24021 occurs when an attempt to add a member to a database role fails. It is generated by the DATABASE_ROLE_MEMBER_CHANGE_GROUP action group. Administrators can derive important information from this event including the:

  • Date and time at which the event occurred.
  • Session identifier of the event.
  • Privileged user who performed the action.
  • Database to which the database role belongs.
  • Name and domain name of the member attempted to be added.
  • ID and name of the database role, to which the member was attempted to be added.
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