ServiceDesk Plus settings

ServiceDesk Plus is a combined HelpDesk and Asset Management software that integrates trouble ticketing, asset tracking, purchasing, contract management and knowledge base in one package.�ServiceDesk Plus can be installed on any remote machine and can be run from the same machine where ADManager Plus is installed.�As a result, AD management functions such as 'Create User', 'Delete User', 'Unlock User', 'Enable User', 'Disable User', 'Reset User�Password' etc... can be performed from ServiceDesk Plus itself.��

Steps to configure 'ServiceDesk Plus' settings:

  • Click the�'Admin'�tab.

  • Select�'Integrations' located under�'Personalize'.

  • Click�'ServiceDesk Plus'�located under�'Third party Integrations'.

  • In the 'Service Desk Settings' page, configure the following:
    • Server where ServiceDesk Plus is running: Enter the ServiceDesk Plus server name.
    • ServiceDesk Plus server port number:�Enter the port number.
    • Protocol Settings:�Select the protocol for data transmission. If you select�'HTTPS',�apply the SSL certificate from ServiceDesk Plus using�'Choose File'.

  • To perform AD and exchange related tasks from ServiceDesk Plus console, click on 'Enable tight integration with ServiceDesk Plus'.

  • Click 'Test Connection and Save' to establish connection and save the settings.