Creating New Help Desk Roles

    ADManager Plus's offers a few predefined help desk roles which can be assigned to help desk technicians. You can also create new roles to meet your specific requirements.

    Based on their needs, administrators can create customized roles which can be assigned to the desired users to empower them to perform Active Directory tasks, within the specified administrative boundaries.

    To create a new help desk role

    1. Click the Delegation tab.
    2. Under Help Desk Delegation, click the Help Desk Roles link
    3. Click the add-help-desk-user Create New Role link, to create a new help desk role from the scratch. You can also create a new role by just copying an existing role; to copy another role, follow these steps.
    4. In the create help desk role page, enter an appropriate name and description for the new role.
    5. From the list of tasks listed under management, reporting and administration, select the tasks that you wish to include in this role.
    6. If you wish to prevent a user with this role from using the bulk modification feature or the CSV import option, select the Deny Bulk Modification or Deny CSV Import options respectively.
    7. While creating users, if you wish to restrict the access to only specific attributes, use the User Attribute Privileges link located in the 'Create Users' section and select the desired attributes. Similarly, for groups and contacts, use the contact attribute privileges and group attribute privileges options respectively.
    8. Similarly, for a more granular selection of the attributes that can be modified/tasks to be included in the role, click the '+' icon located beside each task/action.
    9. Click the Save Role button to create the new role.

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