Creating Help Desk Technicians

    ADManager Plus's help desk technicians help administrators in executing simple and mundane Active Directory tasks which do not need the expertise of the administrators to be completed. The help desk technicians give administrators enough time to focus on the mission critical tasks.

    You can create new help desk technicians, in single or in bulk, in two ways:

    Creating new help desk technicians using the 'add new technicians' option

    1. Click the Delegation tab

    2. Click the Help Desk Technicians link, and then the Add New Technicians link.
    3. Select the desired domain.
    4. Choose the users, whom you wish to configure as help desk technicians, by clicking the browse button located beside the Select AD User field.
    5. Select the roles that you wish to delegate to the new technicians by clicking the choose link located beside the Select help desk roles field.(You can create customized roles based on your requirements.)
    6. Select the desired organizational unit (OUs), if you wish to restrict the scope of the technicians to only specific OUs instead of the entire domain, by clicking the Add OUs link located beside the Select OUs field.
    7. Select the Impersonate as Admin option, if you wish to assign admin permissions to the technicians being created.
    8. Click the save button to complete the creation of new help desk technicians.


    1. The Impersonate as Admin option elevates the users' permissions only in ADManager Plus and does not change their actual settings in AD.
    2. You can always assign more domains, groups, and also account creation/modification templates to the technicians, by modifying/editing them.

    Creating help desk technicians using 'copy technician option'

    The copy technician option allows you to create new help desk technicians with the same configurations of any existing technicians. By copying the configurations of the desired technician and applying them to the new technicians, administrators can create multiple new technicians with the same configurations.

    To create help desk technicians using the copy technician feature,

    1. Click the Delegation tab.
    2. Click the Help desk Technicians link.
    3. From the list of existing help desks technicians, locate the technician whose settings you wish to copy.
    4. Click the copy icon located in the action column of the desired help desk technician.
    5. In the copy technician window that opens up, select the domain in which the users whom you wish to configure as technicians are located.
    6. Click the choose link located beside the Select AD User field, and pick the required users from the ones displayed.
    7. Click the create technicians button – this will configure all the selected users as help desk technicians