AD Management

    Perform AD management tasks pertaining to user and computer accounts.

    User Management tasks

    • Create users
    • Enable users
    • Disable users
    • Unlock users
    • Delete users
    • Reset user passwords
    • User account expiration

    Computer Management

    • Reset computers
    • Enable computers
    • Disable computers
    • Delete computers
    • Manage group membership

    The ADManager Plus iOS/Android mobile apps give you the liberty to perform the above listed operations for user/computer management on the fly. Also perform the same, on multiple accounts in one go, from actionable reports.

    Account expiration

    You can now set up account expiration-related settings when you enable or disable user accounts from the mobile app.

    Follow these steps to configure account expiry settings

    • Login to ADManager Plus mobile app and tap All Users under User Reports.
    • Use the checkbox to select the users that you wish to enable or disable.
    • Once selected, tap the hamburger icon and choose Enable or Disable, as required.
    • In the window that pops up, tap Set Account Expiration Date to set up account expiration settings. You can either set the expiration date manually through the End of option or never let the user accounts expire by selecting the Never Expires option.
    • Tap Enable user and set expiration or Disable user and set expiration to complete this operation.

    Click here for stepwise walk through for performing these management actions.

    Note: The same authorization settings as configured for help desk technicians in the ADManager Plus, applies to the mobile application's operation as well.