Reset password, delete, block and unblock users

    • Click the Microsoft 365 tab.

    • Select Management from the left navigation section and click User Management.

    • Under Bulk user modification, select the appropriate action from Reset Password, Delete Users, Block Users, and Unblock Users.

    • Choose the Microsoft 365 Tenant Account to which you wish to apply the settings and give the necessary inputs.

    • Find the users either by:

      1. Importing the CSV file that has the list of the desired users.

      2. Using the built-in search option.

      Note: Under name search, click on search without entering any input, to view the complete list. For CSV file import, click Download Sample CSV to view the format.

    • Select the objects for which you want to apply this configuration.

    • To preview selected objects, Click Selected Objects count.

    • Click Apply to execute.

    • Once executed, you can view the status of the operation.