Modifying Active Directory Organizational Units via CSV Import

    ADManager Plus allows you to modify multiple attributes of organizational units (OUs) in bulk, without having to modify the attributes of each OU one after the other.

    Steps to modify OUs:

    1. Click the AD Mgmt tab
    2. Go to OU Management and click the Modify Bulk OUs link located under CSV import
    3. In the Modify OUs using CSV page, click the import button; locate the CSV file which has the names of OUs and their corresponding attributes to be modified, and click OK.

      Note: The CSV file must have the LDAP names of the attributes as its header. Sample CSV file

    4. From the list of OUs fetched from the CSV file and displayed, select the ones that you wish to modify and click the update in AD button to make the desired changes to all the selected OUs.

    Sample CSV


    "OU=Sales_1,DC=contoso,DC=com",Sales Team 1

    "OU=Sales_2,DC=contoso,DC=com",Sales Team 2