Scheduling Reports


This section would help you to schedule reports and perform effective schedule management. The topics covered are  listed below:

Scheduling Reports

Scheduler Creation

Managing Schedules

Sharing Report Schedules

Column Customization


Scheduling Reports

 You can schedule the reports generation by adhering to the steps mentioned below:



 Schedule Creation

The Scheduler creation enables you to create a schedule based on the three criteria mentioned below:

    Select Reports

    Schedule Duration

    Select Report Format

    Email Address to send Reports

Select Reports

The Select Reports feature comprises of three sections

 Schedule Duration

You can set the time at which the scheduled reports have to be generated as per your requirements. With this option, you can also have the reports generated repeatedly at the desired times.

Following are the options available for specifying the execution time for scheduled reports:


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 Schedule Report Format

You can select the format in which you would like to have the report mailed. Select the PDF, HTML, CSV, XLS or CSVDE formats, based on your choice. The Storage Path link will enable you to specify the location where you would like the reports to be stored.

 Email Address To Send Reports

The email addresses of the desired recipients can be mentioned using this option. You can enter multiple email addresses, separated by commas.

To send the reports as attachments and to customize the email content use 'Advanced Email Settings' which has the following options:

Tip: You can use the Send Test Mail option to confirm if the recipient email id is a valid one.

Click the SAVE button to add the schedule to the schedule reports list.

Scheduled List

Click the Scheduled List link to see the list of tasks you have scheduled.

Scheduler History

Click the Scheduler History link to view scheduled reports details from the Report Center. Details like Schedular name, Description, Configured OUs, Started Time, Schedular Status (SUCCESS/ SKIPPED/ PROCESSING), Report Details and Message are available here. The Scheduled Reports link under Report Details gives you a zipped version of the scheduled report that had been generated.


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Managing Schedules

The schedules once created, can be easily modified or executed from the User Interface. From the scheduler UI, you can perform the following actions on the schedules:


Enabling/Disabling a Schedule

At times, you would require to temporarily stop the generation of a scheduled report and would like to resume it again at some other point of time.


      To disable a schedule,

      To enable a schedule,


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Deleting a Schedule

When a Schedule is no longer useful, you can delete it from the Schedule Reports list.

      To delete a schedule


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Edit a Schedule

You can make changes to the existing schedule as may be required using the Edit option.

    Follow the steps to edit a schedule:


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Copy a Schedule

You can copy any existing schedule and create a new one using its settings.

     Follow these steps to copy a schedule:



Share a Schedule

This option allows the administrator or the help desk technician who creates a schedule to share it with fellow help desk technicians. The technician with whom a schedule is shared will have permissions to view, copy, and execute the schedule.

     Follow these steps to share a schedule:



Column Customization

Previously, every time a schedule ran, the column settings configured by the Help Desk Technicians at the time of manual report generation were applied But now users do not have to adhere to the same columns as in manual report generation while scheduling a report. Users can define their own columns and sort the reports using specific columns.

You can also sort a report using desired columns.


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