Create Group Creation Template

    In an organization there might me many purpose-based groups. Each set of groups will require different set of attributes and also different values for the same attribute.

    Group creation templates help the administrators to specify different set of attributes and values to different groups as per the organizational requirement/policies, while creating the groups, either in single or in bulk. These templates also help in configuring or specifying specific values to the required attributes.

    Further, to specify the desired valuesfor the attributes in the template, you can use the copy group attributes option which allows you to copy the settings of any group in your Active Directory. When a template is applied during the group creation process, the groups will automatically be created with the values specified in the template.


    1. Click on 'AD Mgmt' Tab.

    2. Click on 'Group Management' --> 'Group Creation Template'

    3. In the 'Create Template' page, enter a name and description for the template.

    4. Select the right domain if you have multiple domains configured.

    5. If you wish to use the settings/values from an already existing group in the Active Directory, use the copy group attributes option.

    6. Under General Tab

      • Enter the "Group Name" and "Pre-Windows 2000" Group name.
      • In description, you can add a small description of the group.
      • In E-mail, provide an email which will be used to address the group.
      • If you want to change the container in which the Group is created, then click on "Change" and choose the appropriate container for the group.
      • Select the "Group Type" and "Group Scope" based on your need.
      • Add a note if necessary.
    7. Under Group Tab

      • Add members to the group by importing users from a CSV file (Sample CSV file) which contains the necessary group attributes Or select the members one after another and then click Ok
      • Use the "Member Of" option to add the group to any of the available groups
      • Use the "Managed by" to designate the Manager for the group
      • Check the "manager can update member list" option to give the manager permissions to add or remove users from the group
    8. Under the Exchange tab (The 'no mail' option is chosen by default). To create a group with mailbox choose 'Mail enabled' and proceed as below:

      • In the General tab create an Exchange email address for the group
        • Enter the mail alias for the group
        • From the drop down menu, choose the appropriate "Administrative Group"
        • Enter the "Simple Display name" for the group
        • To hide the group from Exchange address lists, click on the check box.
      • In the Delivery Restrictions section:
        • Set the limit for the "Receiving message Size"
        • Use the "Accept Messages" section to configure the sender list from which the group can receive messages
        • Use the options in "reject messages from" section to define users who cannot mail the group
        • "Requires that all senders are authenticated" option ensures that the user receives messages only from domain authenticated users
    9. Once all the values have been specified for the Contact attributes, click 'Save Template' to save this template.


    1. Group templates can also be customized to have only the required tabs and/or fields displayed during the group creation process. For more information, see 'Create Group Template with Drag-n-Drop Enabled'.