Single Contact Modification

In any organization, the contacts and their information keep changing. More often than not, it is only one or two contact objects and not all the contact objects that have to be modified or updated.

With the �Single Contact Modification� feature, modifying contact objects individually becomes very easy with 'Contact Modification Templates' to standardize the changes and new values to be applied.


In �Contact Management� page, choose �Modify Single Contact� option. Select the domain in which the required contact is present. Locate the contact. Apply the appropriate template from the existing contact modification templates or specify the required changes and save to complete the modification process.


  • Click on �ADMgmt� --> �Contact Management�. In �Contact Modification�, click on �Modify Single Contact�.

  • In the �modify single contact� page, select the domain in which the contact is present.

  • Locate the contact by entering the name of the contact in the �Search Contact� box and clicking on �Go�. Click on the �Modify Contact� button placed beside the contact.

  • You can also search for the required contact by just clicking on the �Go� button placed beside the �search contact� box. From the list of all the contacts, locate the required contact and click on the �Modify Contact� button.

  • In the �Modify Contact Properties� page, select the appropriate 'Contact Modification Templates' using the �Change� option placed near �Selected Template'.

  • You can view the changes that will be made, using the �Preview� option.

  • Complete the changes by clicking on �Update Contact�.