Create New Computer Creation Template with Drag-n-Drop Enabled

    Computer Creation Templates can be customized as per the requirement to include only the specific tabs or attributes that are required, remove tabs or fields that are not required. It is also possible to add a new tab or delete existing tabs.

    As with tabs, it is also possible to have only the required fields by deleting unused fields, add a field from another tab to the required tab using the ‘drag-n-drop’ option, or hide the field from being displayed to the users.


    Go to the ‘Create Template’ page, select the domain. Click on 'Enable Drag-n-Drop' add a new tab if needed and drag-n-drop the required fields in the tabs, enter the values for all the attributes in the tabs and click ‘Save Template’ to save the new template.


    1. Click on AD Mgmt tab and then ‘Computer Management’.
    2. Click on Create Computer Template available under Computer Template. This opens the Create Template page.
    3. Enter a name and an appropriate description for the template.
    4. Click on ‘Enable Drag-n-Drop to enable the drag and drop option to drag the required the fields from the ‘Field Tray’ and drop them in the required tabs.
      • You cannot drag-n-drop the fields which are greyed out – all the fields that are currently being used will appear greyed out.
      • By default, all the fields in the field tray will be greyed out as all the fields are already placed in the tabs.
      • Each field can be used only once and in one tab only.
      • Drag-n-drop is allowed only for dragging a field from the field tray to a tab. To move a field from a tab to the field tray, delete the field from the tab.
    5. You can add a new tab, in addition to the tabs already present, using the ‘+’ (Add Tab) option, delete any tab by using the delete option or make a tab silently active’. You can change the name of any tab using the ‘edit’ option, as per your requirement.
      Note: The default tabs available in the create template page are: General Tab, Dial-in Tab.
    6. For each tab, drag and drop the required attributes from the field groups in the field trayto the required field group in the tab.
      Note: You cannot move a field from one tab to another directly – the required field has to be deleted from the tab where it is being used, which will move the field back to the field tray and then move the field from the field group to the required tab.
    7.  If required, any field can be set as a read only field. This option is useful in cases where a user should not be given the permission to enter/change a value but will have to be made aware of the value that is being assigned.
    8. Once you have made all the required changes or customizations, save the template using the ‘save templateoption.

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