Creating A Request

    Steps to be followed to create a request through ADManager Plus

    • Click on "create requests" under requests section in the left pane of the tab
    • A page will appear with the display of all management actions for which the user or technician is allowed to raise a request
    • Click on the management action for which you want to raise a request, fill the required details and click on the create request button
    • The request will hence be raised, and the respective notifications will appear on the workflow agents screens
    • While creating requests to create a new user account, the requester can specify an appropriate template. However, while reviewing, approving or executing, the concerned reviewer, approver or the executor can change the template specified and use a different one instead, for creating the user account.
    • To view the requests that you have raised or the requests that are waiting for your review or approval just click on the "my requests" link under the requests section in the left pane of the workflow tab.
    • To remove certain objects from the automation process before the succesive task is performed you can check the object and choose remove.
    • After the completion of the instant task, if you want to immediately execute or delete a successive task in the raised request, just click on the run or delete button against it
    • In case you want to view the archived or restore requests you can follow the stepsĀ here.

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