The ultimateAD change management game plan

Managing Active Directory infrastructures is an inherently complex responsibility; the number of changes in most systems, like users being onboarded, moved, promoted, or offboarded, often pose a major challenge for IT teams.

Sometimes changes are unexpected and unwarranted, leaving IT admins scrambling. To ensure Active Dircetory objects are secure, it's essential to have total visibility into all changes happening to user accounts and their related attributes. 

Here are a few ways you can leverage ADManager Plus to manage changes proactively.

Customizable workflow:

No more mistakes

To avoid unwanted or accidental changes to Active Directory, you need to ensure that all changes are made by authorized personnel only and are validated before being executed. ADManager Plus allows you to design customizable workflows for different tasks; to stay on top of changes being made, you can define who's allowed to raise a change request, who can approve or reject it, and who can execute it. You can also notify the relevant users via email or SMS every time a request has to be addressed. Learn more.

Excess privileges?

Not on your watch

Have you ever provided excess privileges to a technician only to regret it later? While technicians are meant to help IT admins with their tasks, technicians with excess privileges can cause more harm than good, leaving IT admins to hustle up and do some damage control. With ADManager Plus, you can delegate tasks with confidence; to start, technicians' native AD privileges are not elevated. Additionally, you can delegate the administrative duties at a granular level, and set boundaries to define what technicians can and can't do. Learn more.

See you never, privilege creep:

Grant time-bound access rights

Depending on the nature of the tasks or projects, Active Directory users may request permissions to access critical resources. Over time, these users will have access to those sensitive files even if they no longer need it. Using ADManager Plus, you can add users to top-level security groups and grant permissions to important file servers for a limited time, after which the permissions will be automatically revoked. Learn more.


A place for everything and everything in its place

When employees are being promoted or transferred, attributes like group memberships, manager, location, and access to relevant team resources should be modified as well. How easy it would it be if, at the click of a button, all of this could fall into place? ADManager Plus’ customizable templates will redefine how you handle user modifications; you can even implement user modifications in bulk. Learn more.

Backup and recover AD objects:

It's like it never happened

Did you accidentally delete a privileged account or make changes to objects you'd like to revert? With ADManager Plus, mistakes are no problem. You can create full and incremental backups to record every change. Should an incident occur that results in data loss, simply recover the lost objects down to attribute-level to get processes back on track. Learn more.

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