Rest API for Generating Alarms

The REST API and the parameter description for generating alarms is given below:


http://localhost:14170/AppManager/xml/generateAlert?apikey=[apikey]&resourceid=[Resourceid]&attributeid=[attributeid]&severity=[severity as number]&alarmMessage=[Cause for the alert]

Request Parameters

The common parameters involved in the API request are described below:

Field Description
resourceid * Resource ID of monitor or MG to which alert should be generated
attributeid * ID of the attribute to be affected
entity Either above two values should be provided or entity should be provided in the format resourceid_attributeid
severity *

Severity of the alert to be generated [ 1 - Critical , 4 - Warning and 5 - clear]

alarmMessage * Customized message (Cause for the alert) - Text CustomMessage. will be appended in front of provided message in order to find difference between alert generated by poll and alert generated by this API
actualAlarmMessage If you don't want your RCA Message to be appended with the text CustomMessage, you can use this parameter instead of alarmMessage param. On providing both the params(alarmMessage and actualAlarmMessage), actualAlarmMessage will be given high priority.
eventParams JSONObject - Params can be sent either as JSONObject or request params. (As of now SyncEventServlet is used for synching alerts and parameters are sent as JSONObject with the key eventParams. The same can be sent for this Rest API to sync alerts without any core change)

Note: The parameters marked with an * are mandatory.

Sample request

http://localhost:14170/AppManager/xml/generateAlert?apikey=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX&resourceid=10000140&attributeid=400&severity=1&alarmMessage=test message




  1. Health of monitors and monitor groups cannot be changed directly.
  2. On generating alerts using trap attribute id, trap listener will not affect its configured monitors and monitor groups.