Alarm Escalation

Using this option, you can escalate if any alarm has not been attended to for a given time period. You can configure rules to send Escalation EMails or send SMS or to Execute Program about unattended alarms to the Admin or to the superior.

Alarm Escalation Configuration:

  1. Under the Admin Tab, click on Alarm Escalation icon.
  2. Set the rule. For eg., Send Escalation EMail if the critical alarms of all monitors are not cleared within 2 hours. You can set rules for alarms in individual monitor groups too.
  3. Select the option to Send EMail/ SMS/ Execute Program Actions. These actions have to be created earlier from the Actions drop-down at the top band. Execute Program Action will trigger a specific batch file or script, whereas Send EMail and SMS will send notifications to the mail id and mobile number provided, on the escalation of an alarm. For more on creating action, refer this section.
  4. Set the time period for which the rule should be executed repeatedly.
  5. By choosing not to receive duplicate escalation for the same alarm, you opt for optimizing the number of escalation EMails/ SMS sent and Program Action executions. For eg., If there are five critical alarms that were escalated in the first execution run (say 10 minutes), only if there is an addition of new alarm or deletion of alarm, the next set of alarms will be escalated in the second run. If there is no change in the environment in the next 10 minutes, ie., if the five critical alarms still remain the same, escalation EMail will not be sent.
Replaceable tags are not supported in Alarm Escalation Rule.