Autoscale Mode in APM Insight

In Docker/cloud environment, whenever an application auto scales up, a new instance is added. However, when these applications are scaled down, these newly-added instances become unused and are still retained in the user account. This leads to license being consumed by these unused instances, resulting to new instances not being created and added for monitoring even when the application auto scales up again.

With the help of autoscale mode in APM Insight, you can overcome the above scenario by automatically unmanaging/deleting the unused instances in your Docker/cloud environment. It allows you to auto-unmanage the added cloud/Docker instances that are not communicating with the server for more than 10 minutes and auto-deletes the auto-unmanaged instances based on retention period specified by user (default is 3 days).

Supported cloud environments: Azure, AWS, GCP and Docker


  • When the instance is in DOWN state for more than ten minutes, it is automatically marked as unmanaged. In case you had manually unmanaged your application, even when a new instance is added, it will still be in unmanaged state unless changed manually.
  • When the instance is in unmanaged state (which is automatically marked as unmanaged) for more than 3 days, the instance will be deleted automatically.

Enabling Autoscale mode

To enable autoscaling mode in APM Insight, follow the steps given below:

  1. Log in to Applications Manager web client.
  2. Navigate to APM tab → Your applicationEdit APM Insight Application Configuration.
  3. Enable the Autoscale mode checkbox and click Save.

Note: Autoscale mode will be available only for applications running on cloud/Docker environments. For other applications, this option will not be visible.