Managing APM Insight .NET Agent

After installation,the operations that you can perform on the agent are start .NET Agent, stop .NET Agent and edit .NET Agent Configuration.

Starting the .NET Agent

  • If you have not checked the 'Start the Agent after installation' check-box in the Startup Options dialog box during installation, manually start the agent service from Windows Service Manager. The service name is APM Insight .NET Agent.
  • Starting the agent service resets the IIS and sets the environment variables of the profiler.

Editing the .NET Agent Configuration

  • Click on Edit Configuration from the APM Insight .NET Agent folder in the Start Menu to edit the agent configuration.
  • This opens the .NET agent configuration dialog box. After making the required changes, click Save to update the configuration file.

Stopping the .NET Agent

  • You can stop the agent service manually from the Windows Service Manager. This will close the IPC connection between the application and the service; removing the profiler variables from system environment variables and disabling the profiler. It also resets the IIS.
  • You can manually re-start the agent as mentioned above in Starting the .NET Agent