Associating Threshold and Action with Attributes

The next step after creating the thresholds and actions is to associate them with the appropriate attributes of Monitor for generation of alarms. Follow the steps given below to associate a threshold and actions with an attribute:

Note: Have a look at Associating Threshold & Action with attributes - How to Demos in website.

  1. Select the Home tab from the client.

  2. Click the Monitor Group. This lists the Monitors in it.

  3. Click the Monitor to whose attributes, threshold and actions must be associated.

  4. Click Configure Alarm from the respective attributes. The attribute name is listed in the combo box. You can either associate threshold or action or both.

  5. To associate threshold, select the threshold from the Associate Threshold combo box. Click View Thresholds to view details about the selected Threshold. If no threshold is configured, select New Threshold.

    Note: By selecting 'Apply to selected monitors' , the threshold for this attribute is applied to the selected monitors.

  6. To associate action, select the action you want to perform from the Available actions and move it to the Associated Actions list box for each severity. Click View Actions to view details about the selected action. If no action is configured, click New Action.

  7. Click Save All to save the configurations.

You can also associate threshold and actions from Global Alarm Configuration screen.

The threshold and/ or actions are now associated with the attribute. Based on this, alarms will be generated and action will be performed for that attribute.

Note: Thresholds are configured and associated to attributes. You cannot associate threshold with attributes such as Availability and Health. Also in case of health, you must configure dependencies to generate alarms.

Remove Configurations

You also have an option to delete/ remove the above configurations using the Remove Configurations option. This will remove all the configurations and alarms.