Authenticator API

For mobile applications, new users may need to reuse the API Key provided to successfully authenticated users, so that they can use it for remaining operations.Authenticator API allows users to fetch details like the their API Keys, Roles, image and any other information associated to the user for successful authentication.

Note: We hope to make it available only in HTTPS (SSL) Mode & POST Method.

API for XML Response : https://[ APM Host ]:[ APM Port ]/AppManager/xml/Authenticator

API for JSON Response : https://[ APM Host ]:[ APM Port ]/AppManager/json/Authenticator

Request Parameters:

j_username Username has to be posted to the above mentioned request with 'j_username' as parameter name.
j_password Password has to be posted to the above mentioned request with 'j_password' as parameter name.

Response Details:

APIKey This is the username.
Description This is the description of the user account given at the time of creation of user account
EmailID This is the e-mail id of the user
GroupName This is the typ of account the user has. ex: operator, admin, manager etc.
UserImage This is User image path
UserID This is the ID of the user
UserName This is the username of the user.

<AppManager-response uri="/AppManager/xml/Authenticator">
<response response-code="4000">
<UserDetails EmailID="NA" UserID="1" Description="NA" UserName="admin" APIKey="8c8ec3f2cd30722d3a6f980df12c1e5f" UserImage="/images/icon_user.gif" GroupName="ADMIN"/>

JSON Input


JSON Response