Bulk Alarm Configuration

After configuring alarm for a particular monitor, if the same configuration holds good for all other monitors of the same type, then by using Alarm Template functionality you can do Bulk Alarm Configuration. Currently, Threshold and Action configurations are supported. It is very useful in cases where you want to configure identical Thresholds/Actions for a huge number of similar monitors.

For e.g., If there are ten Tomcat servers and you want to configure an email action, if the response time for Tomcat exceeds 100 seconds. The alarm (Threshold and Action) is configured for one Tomcat server and by using Alarm Template this configuration can be applied to all the other Tomcat servers.

Usage of Alarm Template is illustrated below:

  1. Click on the Alarm Template link under 'Snapshot' of the particular monitor.
  2. A popup opens up with two choices: Overwrite existing Threshold Configuration and Overwrite existing Action Configuration
  3. If you choose to overwrite the existing Threshold Configuration, then Thresholds already associated would be overwritten with the new configuration, otherwise the old setting is retained.
  4. If you choose to Overwrite existing Action Configuration, then actions already associated, are removed and the new configuration added. Otherwise new configuration is appended to the existing configuration.
  5. Under the Advanced option, you can choose the monitors to which alarm template can be applied.
  6. On clicking on Apply, the alarm configuration is applied across all monitors of the same Monitor Type.

Limitation: In Enterprise Edition, When a Monitor is removed from a monitor group, the associated Monitor Group template's thresholds/actions are not removed from the monitor, in the Managed Server.