Configure Alarms APIs

These APIs allow an admin user to configure alarms in Applications Manager. This API can also be used to configure alarms for monitor types.

Request Parameters

The parameters involved in executing this API request are:

apikey The key generated using the Generate API Key option in the 'Admin' tab.
resourceid/monitorname The resource ID of the monitor / monitorname.
attributeid The attribute ID of the alarm attribute to be configured.
thresholdid/thresholdname The ID or name of the threshold which will be assigned to attribute to configure alarm.
criticalactionid/criticalactionname The ID or name of action to notify critical condition of the attribute .
warningactionid/warningactionname The ID or name of action to notify warning condition of the attribute.
clearactionid/clearactionname The ID or name of action to notify clear condition of the attribute.
availabilityCriticalPollCount / availabilityClearPollCount  The polls to retry count for critical/ clear status.
requesttype This attribute specifies if you wish to Save the Configuration, Save And Configure Another Alarm or Remove Configuration. Possible values are 1, 2 and 3 and they stand for:
  • 1 - Save
  • 2 - Save And Configure Another,
  • 3 - Remove Configuration,
  • 8 - Delete the template, disassociate the threshold and actions from monitors
overrideConf Specify if you want to override existing Threshold Configuration. Possible values are:  true/false
resourceType The monitor type to which the alarm template should be applied.
Note: To configure alarm for more than one attribute, specify attributes by comma separation. e.g: 402, 412, 413


http://[ APM Host]:[APM Port]/AppManager/xml/configurealarms?apikey=[ API Key ]&resourceid=[resourceid of monitor]&attributeid=[attribute IDs]&thresholdid=[Threshold ID]&criticalactionid=[Action ID]&warningactionid=[Action ID]&clearactionid=[Action ID]&requesttype=[1/2]&availabilityCriticalPollCount=[count]&availabilityClearPollCount=[count]
http://[ APM Host]:[APM Port]/AppManager/xml/configurealarms?apikey=[ API Key ]&resourceType=[ Resource Type]&thresholdid=[Threshold ID]&attributeid=[attribute IDs]&requesttype=[1/2]&overrideConf=[true/false]