ADDM - Features of Dependency Maps

Assuming you have arrived at the Business View successfully, allow us to give you just a little bit more information on what you can do with the Dependency Map.

So, while you can view your Applications and their Dependencies in the map, you will also find a lot of other tasks made easy. For example, if you are at the Business View for a specific Monitor Group, you can configure a lot of Monitor Group actions directly from here by clicking the Monitor Group Actions tab on the right hand side. Some of these actions include,

  • Editing Monitor Groups.
  • Associating or Deleting Monitors from the Group.
  • Creating Sub Groups.
  • Configuring Alarms.
  • Viewing Application Reports and Anomaly Dashboards.

Furthermore, you can:

  • Move your cursor over the Monitor Group or Monitors in the map and explore options.
  • Drag and reposition your Monitors in the map to suit your view.
  • Access the View Settings from the left hand side to customize your view.