Edit URL Monitor API

This API allows you to edit the values configured in the URL Monitors.

Syntax for editing URL Monitor

Using Resource ID:


By Display Name:


Using URL:


Request Parameters

Field Description
apikey The key generated from the Generate API Key option in the 'Admin' tab.
resourceID The resourceid of the URL monitor that you are going to edit.
displayname The display name of the HTTP-URL monitor.
url The HTTP/HTTPS URL address that you want to monitor.
checkForContent The keyword for content matching. The URL monitoring searches the keyword in the content of the URL page to check the availability of the URL. This field is optional.

The keyword which when matches with the content in the URL must be notified of error .

Note: The search is case sensitive. Multiple keywords should be put within quotes. Otherwise, it will be treated as 'Any' one of the multiple keywords.

The condition/criteria of the Response Code with respect to the httpValue at which error should be notified. Possible values are:

  • LT - Lesser than httpValue
  • GT - Greater than httpValue
  • EQ - Equal to httpValue
  • NE - Not equal to httpValue
  • LE - Lesser than or Equal to
  • GE - Greater than or Equal to
httpValue The threshold value with respect to which the httpCondition should be met.
pollInterval The polling interval for which Applications Manager updates the status of the monitor.
requestParams The request parameters. For example, if you want to monitor a URL like http://appmanager:9090/showresource.do?haid=1&type=UrlMonitor&method=getMonitorForm, then provide "?haid=1&type=UrlMonitor&method=getMonitorForm" as request parameter.
timeout The time, in minutes, for which the URL monitor should wait for a page to complete downloading before timing out in Time out field.

Choose between the Post and Get method, which are the two types of Form method for any HTTP/HTTPS URL. Possible values are:

  • P - Post
  • G - Get
userName The Username if the URL requires Form-based authentication.
password The password for the corresponding Username if the URL requires Form-based authentication.

Specify if want the monitor to immediately be scheduled to run again for verification, when an error is detected. Possible values are:

  • True - Verify the error.
  • False - Do not verify the error.
Other Common APIs

Sample Requests

  • http://app-windows:9090/AppManager/xml/EditMonitor?apikey=9481566a94f26d8e44ee0889fd7628a0&type=UrlMonitor&resourceid=10000657
  • http://app-windows:9090/AppManager/xml/EditMonitor?apikey=9481566a94f26d8e44ee0889fd7628a0&type=UrlMonitor&displayname=APM-URL-Monitor
  • http://app-windows:9090/AppManager/xml/EditMonitor?apikey=9481566a94f26d8e44ee0889fd7628a0&type=UrlMonitor&url= http://www.zohocorp.com
  • http://app-windows:9090/AppManager/xml/EditMonitor?apikey=9481566a94f26d8e44ee0889fd7628a0&type=UrlMonitor&displayname=APM-URL-Monitor&httpCondition=GT&httpValue=200