Enable Reports

Using this option, you can generate reports with additional performance metrics for selected resource(s)/monitor(s) apart from already available performance metrics.

To Enable Reports

  1. Click on theSettings tab.
  2. Click on Enable Reports under Reporting.

Now you can configure Custom Monitors and Downtime Summary Report by following the steps given below.

Custom Monitors

  1. Under Custom Reports tab, you will be able to select the required resource and associated performance metrics.
  2. Select the tick box besides the performance metric that needs to be included in the reports.
  3. Click Save button below and the selected performance metric will be added automatically in your reports and in your scheduled reports.

Downtime Summary Report

  1. The Downtime Summary Report is enabled by default.
  2. This option sends out a downtime summary for all resources that are monitored. The email will be sent in html format to the specified email id.
  3. To configure new email action, click New Action and provide the email address and click Save .
  4. This report will provide you the top 20 downtime summary of all individual monitors.

Another method to Enable Reports:

  1. Click on Reports tab.
  2. You can enable reports by clicking on Enable Reports link above the Monitor Group.
  3. Follow the steps prescribed above to select the required attributes.
  4. If email actions are already configured, select the email to which the reports need to be sent else you can configure new email action.
  5. Click Save to create the reports schedule.