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End User Monitoring (EUM) Agent - Release Notes

EUM Agent v21.7

Release Date: 09-02-2024

Issues fixed

  • In EUM agent, the cleanup process of old RBM files was not performed properly.

EUM Agent v21.6

Release Date: 05-02-2024

Issues fixed

  • Error message was not shown while performing the 'Select Window' action during RBM playback.

EUM Agent v21.5

Release Date: 24-01-2024

Security Issues

  • Removed the Maverick SSH Library jars to address the security vulnerability CVE-2023-48795

EUM Agent v21.4

Release Date: 08-01-2024


  • Established a foundational base to support the Upgrade Manager for future releases, with a minimum required version of v21.4.

EUM Agent v21.3

Release Date: 06-11-2023


  • Support for Dynamic Wait time in Real Browser Monitor.

Issues fixed

  • Script Syntax in Real Browser Monitor

Security Issues

  • CVE-2023-5072: Upgraded JSON package to v20231013 to mitigate Denial of Service vulnerability.

EUM Agent v21.2

Release Date: 13-10-2023

Issues fixed

  • Test Playback not working properly in Real Browser Monitor is fixed. (Broken since v21.1)

EUM Agent v21.0

Release Date: 18-08-2023


  • Support for capturing screenshots during every poll, even when the RBM monitor is down.
  • Support to attach error screenshots and HTML files of the website in the Alarm Email for the health and availability of RBM child monitor. The steps for the same can be found here.

EUM Agent v20.12

Release Date: 31-07-2023


  • Included support for Chrome and Edge playback on windows when the EUM Agent is running in service mode. The prerequisites for the same can be found here.

EUM Agent v20.10

Release Date: 30-06-2023


  • Displayed Applications Manager connectivity errors in EUM agent Login page.
  • Displayed Chrome/Edge driver compatibility errors in EUM agent Settings page.

EUM Agent v20.8

Release Date: 29-05-2023


  • RBM Firefox upgraded from version 81 to version 111.
  • Geckodriver upgraded from version 0.27.0 to version 0.32.2.

EUM Agent v20.7

Release Date: 16-05-2023

Issues fixed

  • EUM agent service failed to start after the machine was restarted.
  • In the RBM monitor, there was a problem in collecting data during playback due to an unexpected exception.
  • In the RBM monitor, there was an issue with page load due to infinite wait which resulted in browser crash during RBM playback.

EUM Agent v20.5

Release Date: 03-04-2023


  • JRE has upgraded from Oracle 1.8.0_202 to Azul Zulu 1.8.0_352.
  • Tomcat upgraded from 9.0.16 To 9.0.70.

EUM Agent v20.4

Release Date: 21-03-2023

Issues fixed

  • EUM agent was not able to connect to Applications Manager when an invalid Chrome driver path is given.
  • Real Browser Monitor screenshots were not present when the monitor was reported as down.

EUM Agent v20.2

Release Date: 04-01-2023


  • Added validation for incoming requests as an additional security measure.

EUM Agent v20.1

Release Date: 29-12-2022

Issues fixed

  • Updated RBM test playback mechanism to perform smart playback.
  • Support for Content Check option for individual steps in RBM monitor to qualify whether or not to proceed on failure.

EUM Agent v20.0

Release Date: 06-07-2022

Issues fixed

  • Incorrect performance metrics were shown for RBM monitors when multiple monitors were scheduled for data collection simultaneously.

EUM Agent v19.0

Release Date: 30-05-2022

Issues fixed

  • Data collection was not happening for Real Browser Monitors due to cleanup issues with gecko driver.
  • In Real Browser Monitor, there were issues with collecting data due to failures in decrypting the playback script.

EUM Agent v18.0

Release Date: 08-09-2022


  • EUM Agent is enhanced to support API key-based authentication for logging into EUM web client.

EUM Agent v17.0

Release Date: 11-05-2021

Issues fixed

  • Uninstallation of the EUM Agent opened the Installation Wizard again.

Release Date: 15-03-2021


  • Support for monitoring Telnet through End User Monitoring (EUM) agent.

Release Date: 04-03-2021


  • Introduced a login page for basic user authentication while accessing End User Monitoring (EUM) web client.

Release Date: 13-01-2021


  • Support for Chrome browser based playback in Real Browser Monitor (RBM).

EUM Agent v16.0

Release Date: 06-01-2021


  • Firefox version upgraded from v45 to v81 in Real Browser Monitor (RBM).

EUM Agent v15.0

Release Date: 25-08-2020


  • Support for Edge browser based playback in Real Browser Monitor (RBM).

EUM Agent v13.0

Release Date: 29-07-2019


  • EUM JRE upgraded from 1.7u71 to 1.8u202 and Tomcat upgraded from 6.0.18 to 9.0.16.

Release Date: 30-10-2018


  • RBM Firefox upgraded from v35 to v45.0.2