Adding JMX MBeans Attributes

The following are the JMX MBean resources whose MBean attributes are monitored by Applications Manager using Custom Monitor:

  • JMX [MX4J / JDK 1.5]
  • WebLogic Server
  • JBoss Server

To add the attributes, follow these steps:

  1. In the Add Attributes screen, select the JMX MBean resource from the combo box and click Add. You can also discover a resource using Add Monitorprovided alongside the combo box and add them to the list of resources.
  2. Select the domains and click Show MBeans to list all the MBeans of those domains. You can also specify some filter criteria to match the MBean names. Alternatively, you can add the MBean atrributes directly, by choosing the Add the MBean attributes directly option. You can enter the MBean ObjectName, Attribute Name and Attribute Type (String / Numeric) and then add that attribute to be monitored. For Numeric attributes, you can edit and set whether you want to view the values as Counters or Non Counters. From the next poll onwards, the latest type would be displayed.
  3. On clicking Show MBeans button, you get the list of all the MBeans. Select the MBean (all attributes) or only the required attribute(s) by enabling the check box provided alongside. In case of tabular MBeans, select the attribute (all columns) or only the required columns.
  4. Click Add Attributes. All the selected attributes will be listed with their details. Note: You have an option to enable / disable reports for scalar numerical attributes, which is indicated through the above images in the Reports column. Refer to Viewing Reports for more details on report generation.
  5. Click the Back to Details Page button to view the newly created Custom Monitor. This screen lists all the attributes added.
  6. If you want to add or delete attributes, click Add or Delete Custom Attributes.

If the JMX data source is WebLogic Server 6.1 or WebLogic 6.1 sp1, you have to specify the full object name in the filter criteria to get the MBean attributes. This is because of the implementation bug in WebLogic 6.1.

However, versions WebLogic 6.1 SP2 and above do not have this problem.

Note: Steps to Create JMX Notification Listener (JMX [MX4J / JDK 1.5])
  • In the JMX [MX4J / JDK 1.5] Monitor page, click on the 'Create new JMX Notification Listener' link.
  • The first step is to choose the Domain of the JMX Agent. After selecting the Domain, Click on 'Show MBeans' to view the MBeans that belong to the selected Domain.
  • The second step is to choose the Mbeans from the list that is shown.
  • The third step will be to create the new JMX Notification Listener. Enter the Name and select the status of the Listener as enabled or disabled. Set the severity of the Alarm that will be generated once a JMX notification is received, as Critical/Warning/Clear. Associated actions that need to be executed when the notification is received can be chosen from the list of actions configured.
  • Clicking on 'Save' will have a JMX Notification Listener configured, which would generate alarms of the configured severity and execute actions.