ListActions API

This API lists all the actions configured for the monitors associated to the users. The details of each action is grouped according to the action type.


API for XML Response:

http://[ APM Host ]:[ APM Port ]/AppManager/xml/ListActions?apikey=[ API Key ]&type=all

API for JSON Response:

http://[ APM Host ]:[ APM Port ]/AppManager/json/ListActions?apikey=[ API Key ]&type=all

In future versions the following features will be included:

i) Listing Actions will be supported in Admin server.

ii) Listing Actions based on the type.

Request Parameters

Field Description
type This value specifies the type of action to be listed, to get all types of actions, we need to pass 'all' as the value for the field type. (In absence of this parameter also it will return all the types)

Response Details

Field Description
DisplayName This is the displayname of the action.
Action ID - Represents the Action ID
ExecuteActionPath - Represents the uri for executing the action
NAME - Represents the Name of the Action
ActionProps - Represents the Action Proepeties like From Address, To Address, Message etc., this changes for each and every action type

Sample Request

XML Input:


XML Response:

<AppManager-response uri="/AppManager/xml/ListActions">
<response response-code="4000">
<Actions DisplayName="SMS Action(s)">
<Action ID="10000003" ExecuteActionPath="/common/" NAME="SMS">
<ActionProps MESSAGE="This information has been generated by the Applications Manager" FROMADDRESS="" TOADDRESS="" />

JSON Input:


JSON Response

{"response-code":"4000","response":{"uri":"/AppManager/json/ListActions","result":[{"Action":[{"ID":"20000003","ExecuteActionPath":"/common/","NAME":"alert_mail","ActionProps":{"FROMADDRESS":"","TOADDRESS":"","SUBJECT":"Alarm from the Applications Manager"}}],"DisplayName":"E-mail Action(s)"}]}}