ListDashboards API

This API fetches the List of Dashboards created in the Server which includes all the widgets configured in the Dashboards as there is no concept of assigning the dashboards/widgets to operators. But the data which is to be populated will be based on the monitors assigned for the user.

API for XML Response: 

http://[ APM Host ]:[ APM Port ]/AppManager/xml/ListDashboards?apikey=[ Api Key ]

API for JSON Response: 

http://[ APM Host ]:[ APM Port ]/AppManager/json/ListDashboards?apikey=[ API Key ]


Response Details:

DashboardId This is the username.
DashboardName This is the description of the user account given at the time of creation of user account
Widget WidgetName -- This represents the display name of the widget
WidgetId -- This is the id of the widget created in this dashboard.
WidgetURL -- This is the link to the widget of this dashboard


<AppManager-response uri="/AppManager/xml/ListDashboards">
<response response-code="4000">
<Dashboard DashboardId="10000001" DashboardName="Default Dashboard">
<Widget WidgetName="Top N Monitors" WidgetId="10000040" WidgetURL="/"/>
<Widget WidgetName="Current Availability " WidgetId="10000044" WidgetURL="/"/>
<Widget WidgetName="Last 24 Hours / 30 Days Availability History" WidgetId="10000046" WidgetURL="/"/>
<Widget WidgetName="Last 24 Hours / 30 Days Health History" WidgetId="10000047" WidgetURL="/"/>
<Widget WidgetName="Availability,Health and Alarm Summary" WidgetId="10000048" WidgetURL="/"/>
<Widget WidgetName="Monitor Groups" WidgetId="10000057" WidgetURL="/"/>
<Widget WidgetName="Infrastructure Snapshot" WidgetId="10000078" WidgetURL="/"/>
<Widget WidgetName="Recent 10 Alarms" WidgetId="10000079" WidgetURL="/"/>
<Widget WidgetName="Performance Metric Widget" WidgetId="10000088" WidgetURL="/"/>
<Dashboard DashboardId="10000005" DashboardName="pavan dashboard">
<Widget WidgetName="Top N Monitors" WidgetId="10000007" WidgetURL="/"/>
<Widget WidgetName="Tabular Data" WidgetId="10000008" WidgetURL="/"/>
<Widget WidgetName="Recent 10 Alarms" WidgetId="10000009" WidgetURL="/"/>

JSON Input


JSON Response

{"response-code":"4000","response":{"uri":"/AppManager/json/ListDashboards","result":[{"Widget":[{"WidgetName":"Monitor Groups","WidgetId":"20000001","WidgetURL":"/"},{"WidgetName":"Infrastructure Snapshot","WidgetId":"20000002","WidgetURL":"/"},{"WidgetName":"Recent 10 Alarms","WidgetId":"20000003","WidgetURL":"/"}],"DashboardId":"20000001","DashboardName":"Default Dashboard"}]}}